Published by Jourdan on 1st Mar 2023

A few days ago we had both these beasts in the shop for an audio fit out. Definitely backed up the workshop due to the sheer size of these cars! Geez! 

An Original Hummer H1 came in to us to freshen up the sound system as the speakers were crackling/popping and because they're only 4" speakers, they were missing bass but the cargo area in the Hummer is sealed off from the cabin.

KICKER to the rescue! 

We opted to install the new range of downward firing subwoofers as we did not need extreme levels of bass as the speakers were only being run by the aftermarket headunit. Balance was required here so the Kicker CDF104 was a nice touch to compliment the CSC4. With a nice tune from our professionals, we can safely say this Hummer is boomin'!