Our View on the the powerful Thinkware F800 PRO Dash Cam

Our View on the the powerful Thinkware F800 PRO Dash Cam

Published by Crash Cams Australia on 5th Apr 2018

Thinkware F800 Pro - Thinware's NEW Benchmark Dash Camera

Thinware's latest in car DVR recorder has hit the market, the Thinkware company has continued their creation of amazing quality products with the F800 PRO crash cam, We will touch on some of the new technology built-into this camera and why we think it has created the benchmark for dash cams in the Australian market.

The New F800 Pro from Thinkware has been carefully crafted to ensure the product can handle the  Australian elements CMOS image sensors allow the front and rearview FULL 1080P HD resolution recording during both nighttime and daytime. The F800Pro has a 140-degree wide view angle lens will assure drivers blindspots are minimised and all events will be recorded without fail.

What do we like best about the New F800 Pro?

  • Super Night Vision 2.0 - Most cameras on the market record well during day-time but when it comes to the low light areas such as parking lots the image quality is usual extremely unclear. The F800 PRO with SUPER NIGHT VISION 2.0 uses Image signal processing (ISP) technology to record a much clearer, visible video in any situation, Parking mode or driving! 

  • Parking mode Energy saving ! - The new F800 pro will use 1/3 less power during parking mode recording which gives 3x longer recording than normal, When installed with the HWC the F800pro will record when the vehicle is turned off, No need for additional batteries to be installed. The F800 Pro will go to sleep once the vehicle is turned off, once an impact or motion has been detected it will wake up and begin recording for the next 20 second period.
  • Road Safety warning system In-Built - The F800 Pro's internal GPS provides accurate location information this allows the camera to act as your personal in car Smart Eye warning you about red light cameras, speed cameras and average speed cameras!. The road safety warning system will warn drivers about a front collision (FCWS) and front vehicle departure warning (FVDW) to ensure safe driving practices.
  • Smart Phone Application -  Finally we have a product within the dash cam market with an easy to use (and Connect) Smart phone application, The Thinkware F800 Pro now uses a new app designed by the Thinkware team which we have found to be very easy to use, content can be viewed on the app and all product settings and features can be accessed.

Overall the Thinkware F800 PRO is technically an incredible product, well ahead of its competitors in many aspects. Using its knowledge of the dash cam market Thinkware have brought out a product with all the necessary features to ensure the Australian customer is completely covered.

To view more information on the THINKWARE F800 PRO click here