Scosche MP2ODVM-XTSP MagicMount™ Pro2 4-In-1 Vent/Dash

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Introducing our versatile 4-In-1 Car Phone Mount Kit, designed to cater to your on-the-go needs:

Easily adaptable, this kit allows you to mount your compatible mobile phone device either on your vehicle’s vent or on a firm, flat dashboard surface area.

Our vent mounts are perfect for seamless transitions between cars, travel, or rental vehicles. Plus, the innovative FreeFlow vent mount ensures uninterrupted airflow from your vehicle's vent.

Featuring a patent-pending articulating swing-arm, you have the freedom to position your phone exactly where you want it. The dash mount securely attaches your mobile phone device to your vehicle's dashboard on a stable, flat surface.

Specifically crafted to accommodate an iPhone 12 and later models with MagSafe, our specially designed mount head eliminates the need for a MagicPlate.

With swiveling capabilities in the car phone swing arm mount head and adjustable dash/vent mounts, you can effortlessly find the perfect viewing angle.

Included in the kit:

  • (1) MagicMount Pro 2 Mount Head
  • (2) MagicPlates
  • (1) Swing-Arm Dash
  • (1) Dash Base
  • (1) Vent Base
  • (1) FreeFlow Vent
  • (1) Alcohol Cleaning Wipe

Note: This mount does not include a charging feature and does not come with an Apple MagSafe charger.

Extra Powerful, 100% Device-Safe Neodymium Magnets:

These robust earth magnets ensure your device stays securely in place, even on rough terrain, while being completely safe for smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, and other mobile devices.

MPWD2 - MagicMount Pro Mounting:

Mounting Your Device Is Effortless:
Compatible with all leading smartphone brands, whether with or without wireless charging, including iPhone 12. Simply apply the MagicPlate™ as instructed, hover your device near the magnetic surface, and it instantly locks securely in place. The sleek cradle-free design accommodates larger devices and enables you to position your screen for optimal viewing.

360° Swivel Mount:

Adjusting your smartphone to your preferred angle is a breeze. With a 360° swivel mount and a soft rubber locking nut, you can precisely adjust your MagicMount to achieve the ideal display angle, whether it's on your car dashboard, work desk, or nightstand.

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