Scosche MP2WD-XTSP MagicMount Pro - Wireless Charging Magnetic Home / Office Mount

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Enhanced Stability with StickGrip™ Technology

Our StickGrip™ suction-cup base ensures a secure attachment to your vehicle window, dashboard, or any flat surface at home or in the office. Rest assured, your mount stays firmly in place wherever you place it.

Unrivaled Magnetic Strength with Neodymium Magnets

Featuring extra powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets, our mounts offer a 30% boost in magnetic strength compared to our standard MagicMounts. These magnets are not only robust but also completely safe for your smartphones, tablets, GPS, and other mobile devices.

Effortless Compatibility with MagSafe

Designed with a specially engineered mount head, our product allows you to effortlessly secure an iPhone 12 or later with MagSafe technology without the need for a MagicPlate. Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free mounting experience.

360-Degree Adjustable Viewing

Rotate the mount head a full 360 degrees to achieve the perfect viewing angle from virtually any perspective. Whether you're in your car, at your desk, or beside your bed, you can adjust the mount to suit your preferences for optimal visibility.

Convenient One-Handed Device Operation

Our mount enables safe and easy one-handed use of your device while providing access to all controls and ports, ensuring maximum convenience and functionality.

Unmatched Magnetic Stability

These powerful earth magnets ensure your device stays securely in place, even on rough terrain, providing unparalleled stability for your smartphones, tablets, GPS units, and more.

Effortless Mounting with MagicMount Pro

Mounting your device is a breeze with MagicMount Pro. Compatible with all leading smartphone brands, with or without wireless charging, including iPhone 12, simply attach the MagicPlate™ as instructed, then effortlessly hover your device near the magnetic surface, and it instantly locks securely in place. The sleek, cradle-free design accommodates larger devices and allows you to position your screen for optimal viewing.

Customizable Viewing with 360° Swivel Mount

Achieve the perfect angle for your smartphone with our 360° swivel mount and soft rubber locking nut. Easily adjust your MagicMount to your preferred viewing angle, whether it's on your car dashboard, work desk, or nightstand, ensuring you always have the ideal position for your screen.

Reliable StickGrip™ Technology

Our window/dash mount uses StickGrip™ suction cup technology to adhere to nearly any surface with ease. The StickGrip suction cup ensures a secure hold on windows and textured dashboards, allowing you to mount your device wherever you desire. If the StickGrip ever loses its grip, simply rinse the suction cup with lukewarm water, shake, and let it air dry to restore its effectiveness.

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