Thinkware F7008 Full HD Front dash camera 140 degree view 8GB Memory Card

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Thinkware F7008 Full HD Front dash camera 140 degree view 8GB Memory Card

The F70 offers a comprehensive view of the road ahead and full HD films with a wide 140-degree viewing angle. The F70 covers a wider range between bright and dark locations when driving because it has a broad dynamic range, nighttime picture correction, and automatic exposure. It has front vehicle departure warning for safety when the car is stopped (FVDW). FVDW warns you if the car in front of you has moved forwards while you are waiting at an intersection or in traffic, preventing a delayed reaction and avoiding accidents.

This allows you to capture crystal-clear full 1080p HD movies whether it's daytime or evening because it has a CMOS image sensor. Even better, it has a wide-angle 140-degree lens that reduces blind spots everywhere.

a broad dynamic range (WDR)
Its WDR feature helps you get through a fast change in frontal light exposure levels that results in overly bright or dark recordings, whether you're driving in direct sunlight, coming out of a tunnel, or into the shadow of a tall structure, among other situations. WDR accomplishes this by eliminating excessively bright areas and adjusting colour balance to create only clear images.

Correction for Nighttime Picture Quality
Videos taken at night on dimly lit streets, avenues, or roads typically don't appear to be very clear. This, however, is a quite different matter. It is equipped with improved sensors that allow for constant modification of brightness, colour, and noise cancellation, resulting in vivid video recordings of your evening journey.

Adaptive Exposure
However, THINKWARE dash cams are not affected by rapid increases in light exposure generated on by bright sunlight, headlight beams from approaching cars, or poor lighting in a tunnel. They have an automated light exposure feature that regulates light exposure settings for consistently clear footage.

With the help of this feature, you can record for up to three times longer while using up to a third less power. The Energy Save Parking Mode automatically puts the dash cam to sleep after recording 20 seconds of footage of an impact or motion detected by the G-Sensor, which comes in handy when you're on vacation or need to leave the vehicle unattended for quite some time.

*HWC necessary

Alert for impending vehicle departure (FVDW)
The FVDW alerts you when a car in front of you has started moving when you are stopped at an intersection or in a traffic congestion, which helps you maintain focus every time.

A authentic THINKWARE Dash Cam GPS Antenna (GPSANT) can be added to the mix to assist in tracking the vehicle's speed and precise location while pointing out the best routes on the map. The GPS also enables you to track your vacation routes for quicker travel and evaluate the local area's specifics with accuracy. It provides precise readings of vehicle speed, collision time, and impact force in the event of a traffic accident.
*GPSANT is necessary and available separately.

This has a number of Safety Camera Alert features that are designed to make it easier for drivers to follow traffic laws and regulations without receiving a penalty. Through the GPSANT add-on, it warns a driver if a red light or speed camera is nearby, as well as the designated average speed in a given area.

*GPSANT is necessary and available separately.

Technology known as FORMAT-FREE 2.0
Your memory card's shelf life is increased with format-free 2.0 Technology. There is no need to constantly manually formatting the card because this dash cam uses the File Allocation Table (FAT) method. Why? because the memory's older, less essential files are automatically deleted by this process.

Number of Channels 1
Resolution 1080P (front)
Frames Per Second 30
Camera Angle 140°
Image Sensor / Camera Type Sony EXMOR / 2.1M Pixels / On Semiconductor CMOS
Dimensions / Weight 78 x 34.6 x 31.5mm / 42.4g
Video Enhancement Technology
Wide Dynamic Range

Night Time Picture Correction

Intelligent Automatic Exposure

Noise Reduction

Advanced Video Clear

Super Night Vision 1.0

Super Night Vision 2.0

WiFi -
GPS Yes (requires GPSANT)
G-Sensor Yes
Display Screen(Size) -
Super Capacitor / Battery Super Capacitor
High Temperature Protection Yes
Operating Temperature -10°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Power Input DC 12/24V
Power Consumption 1 CH 2W (mean)
Voltage Detection / Cut Off Yes
Accessory Socket Power Adaptor Included in Single Camera Kit
Hard Wire Kit (HWC) Optional
Mounting Type Adhesive
Dual Save Technology -
Thinkware Connect
Live View

Geo Fence

Vehicle Location

Impact Notification

Video Storage

Camera Alerts
Fixed Speed Camera

Yes (requires GPSANT)
Mobile Speed Camera Zone

Yes (requires GPSANT)
Average Speed Camera Zone

Yes (requires GPSANT)
Red Light Camera

Yes (requires GPSANT)
Advanced Driver Alert System (ADAS)
Lane Departure

Urban Forward Collision

High Speed Forward Collision

Front Vehicle Departure

Recording Modes
Continuous Loop

Impact / Incident


Park Motion Detect

Yes (requires HWC)
Park Impact / Incident

Yes (requires HWC)
Park Time Lapse

Park Energy Save

Yes (requires HWC)
Audio / Voice

Video Format MOV
Video CODEC H264
Memory Card Capacity / Class Supports up to 64GB / UH-1
Warranty 2 Years (on camera hardware, 12 months on micro SD)
Country of Manufacture Korea

Extra Information