Thinkware OBDTH01E OBD-II Power Plug & Play dash cam Harness designed for Electric vehicles

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Introducing the OBDTH01E OBD-II Power Harness - Simplified Dash Cam Installation

Make installing your Thinkware Dash Cam a breeze with the OBDTH01E OBD-II Power Harness. Compatible with electric, hybrid, stop-and-start enabled, and fuel vehicles, this harness offers a convenient plug-and-play solution. Instead of dealing with multiple wire connections to the vehicle fuse box, simply connect the OBD-II harness to the OBD-II port in your vehicle.

Once connected, enjoy full access to the Parking Surveillance Modes on your Thinkware Dash Cam, just as if you had hardwired the device using the HWC Hard Wire Kit. Now, you can easily activate the parking mode feature on your Thinkware Dash Cam without the hassle of installing a separate hard wire kit. The OBDTH01E OBD-II Power Harness provides a seamless and effortless solution for accessing this valuable feature.

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