Parkmate PM-51W 5.0Inch Wireless Smart Monitor Single Channel DVR

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Introducing the Parkmate ClearView 51 - Your Ultimate Wireless Smart Monitor with Front Dash Camera!

The PM-51W ClearView 51 is here to revolutionize your driving experience with its innovative features and cutting-edge technology. Whether you're a daily commuter, a road trip enthusiast, or simply someone who values safety on the road, this smart monitor is designed to make your journey safer and more convenient.

**What's Included in the Box?**
- Smart 5.0” Monitor: A sleek and compact touchscreen monitor that serves as your command center on the road.
- Windscreen and Dashboard Combo Mount: Versatile mounting options for easy installation on your preferred location.
- Phone Connection Adaptor: Seamlessly connect your iOS or Android smartphone for hands-free control of compatible apps.
- 12/24V Power Adaptor: Keep your device powered and ready for action during your entire journey.
- AUX Cable: Connect and enjoy your favorite music and podcasts effortlessly.
- User Manual: Your comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your ClearView 51.

**Exceptional Full HD 1080P Resolution:**
The front dash camera records every detail on the road in stunning full high definition. With crystal-clear video capture, you'll have a reliable witness in case of any incidents.

**FM Transmitter for Wireless Audio:**
Stream music and make calls wirelessly to your vehicle's FM stereo using the built-in FM transmitter. Enjoy a clutter-free audio experience while on the move.

**Smart Monitor App Control:**
Connect your iOS or Android smartphone wirelessly to gain hands-free control of compatible apps. Manage navigation, phone calls, messages, music, podcasts, and more with ease.

**5.0” IPS Display Screen:**
Experience a clear view of images from the front camera, access recorded footage, and navigate with precision using the intuitive touchscreen interface.

**RCM Approved for Confidence:**
Rest easy knowing that the ClearView 51 exceeds the regulatory RCM standards for EMC (Electromagnetic Interference) compliance in Australia and New Zealand. Your safety is our top priority.

**Parkmate Connect Technology:**
Seamlessly connect your smartphone to the iOS and Android-enabled Smart Monitor. Take total control over compatible apps, including navigation, phone calls, messages, music, podcasts, and much more, all while staying within the legal boundaries.

- Model: PM-51
- Camera Resolution: Front (1080p)
- Screen: 5.0” IPS Screen
- Field Of View (Front): 150º
- Memory: 512 MB (RAM) + 2GB (ROM)
- Micro SD Card Compatibility: Up to 256GB Capacity (Class 10 recommended)
- Bluetooth: Yes
- Mounting: Dual mounting combo for dashboard and windscreen
- iOS and Android Compatibility: Yes

**A World of Convenience at Your Fingertips:**
- Play Music Wirelessly: Utilize the built-in FM Transmitter to enjoy music and podcasts through your car stereo.
- Dual Mounting Combo: Choose between windscreen or dashboard mounting for ultimate flexibility.
- 3D G-Sensor: Automatic footage preservation triggered by road incidents.
- Make And Receive Calls: Hands-free phone calls via smartphone Bluetooth connection and wireless audio.
- 150° Field of View: Capture the full breadth of road details with the wide-angle lens.
- Map Navigation: Effortlessly navigate with navigation maps displayed at eye level for enhanced visibility.

Upgrade your driving experience with the Parkmate ClearView 51 - Your Wireless Smart Monitor with Front Dash Camera. Your safety and convenience are our top priorities, and with the ClearView 51, you're in control every step of the way.

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